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2009-05-16 10:35 pm
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Various Artist Domani 21.04.09

I usually don't rave about italian music but I think you would enjoy this anyway because it's a lovely song (not really my genre but catchy anyway)

50 of the most popular singers, all the genres, ages, together in a collaboration to raise funds for the people who lost their homes (and lives) on April 6th in the horrible earthquake in Abruzzo.

iTunes link all the money raised will be used to rebuild the theatre and academy of music in L'Aquila

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and off I go to watch some Boosh reruns ;)
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2008-03-25 09:42 pm
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The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

Nothing much to say, I'm dead on my feet most of the time, is it about work, health or whatever...

Anyway I was watching some old Poirot mystery on TV and I whipped out my poor neglected watercolours. [ profile] kupukello went to the Zoo a couple of days ago and posted some great photos but this little one really caught my eye.

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2007-09-16 11:14 pm
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Do hummingbirds hum?

Well, probably, but these two ) and all their families definitely chirped!
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2007-08-29 12:04 am
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two more

because I want to be good...

I don't think I was supposed to enjoy British gardens this much while the weather was so bad, but you know me, give a little bit of sunshine and stop the wind for like 5 minutes and I'll swoop down the bushes to take photos!

don't click on the thumbnails if you don't like insects (yep, there are people like that ;))
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2007-08-28 01:45 pm
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London photos

Just two because I'm on my lunch break (lunch, yeah, what lunch?)

The robin was in Hyde Park, at the Rose Garden, it was a daring little bird coming very very close to me.
I must admit I was spoiled by the cuteness and friendlyness of the Finnish squirrels so the fat gray squirrels I saw in London didn't really impress me much.

Not flock for now ;)
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2007-07-26 11:08 pm
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Some more Helsinki pictures...

I still can't believe I really went to Helsinki...
Finns are extremely nice even when they don't understand a word you say, quiet (besides when drunk at 3am singing outside my hostel window), and I especially resented the girls for having so many beautiful boys around. Note on the boys: they are so cute when they try to dress-up as the worst bad-ass punk with tons of eye-liner and still manage to look unbelievably young and clean and so nice.

I really enjoyed the places [ profile] kupukello took me, especially the ferry rides and the inside tour to the library (yep, I'm weird, no surprise there!).

My hostel was close to the city centre and at the same time 5 minutes from a nearby graveyard/park and the seaside, so I managed to pack a lot of walks in the short time I spent there, guess why I got sunburned at 10PM!

Just a few photos because my computer isn't working as it should.
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you might think the owls photos look fake, I'd think the same, though I have [ profile] kupukello to testify they are all real animals at Korkeasaari zoo, I was just lucky to take some nice shots. I just realized that now [ profile] kupukello knows all my tricks, I should go back there and obliviate her!
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In case you missed the first post all the photos are here
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2007-07-24 12:46 am
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picspam ahoy

So I spent last week wandering around Helsinki with [ profile] kupukello, eating reindeer and salty liquorice (not together), drinking vodka at -20°C, picking blueberries, getting sunburned at 10pm, oogling boys on the metro, being assaulted by squirrels and taking too many photos. Well, that sums more or less everything...

Just a few pictures (for now) for you all!
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2006-07-24 01:15 am
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warming up

like I need more heath here!

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2006-07-09 11:27 pm
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2002-01-01 02:43 pm
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